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12th-Jul-2008 06:53 pm - Huge collectible vinyl list
A newly updated selection of vinyl records from the 1950s to early 1990s is now on offer on

Some of the particular items of note include (Australian artists = AU):

* The Singo song/Who am I - Laurie Allen (of 60s duo Bobby & Laurie) & Bob "Cowboy" Purtell (AU)
* Where has all the love gone/Somewhere in the world - Dave Allenby (AU)
* Where did all the money go/Still in love - Baby
* Silver dagger/East Virginia/Plaisir d'amour/House of the rising sun - Joan Baez (UK Fontana 1960 EP)
* Someday/Is it raining - Tony Barber (AU) - Rare red "Everybody's" label first pressing
* Bay City Rollers Supersonic magazine (UK) interview flexidisk
* Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles - Rare Australian World Record Club LP (unique cover)
* You want to know a secret/I'll be on my way - Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas (both songs by Lennon-McCartney)
* Craise Finton Kirk/I am the world - Johnny Young (Aussie 1960s Bee Gees involvement) (AU)
* In love with love/French kissin in the USA (French version) - Debby Harry
* Steptoe & Son - Harry H. Corbett & Wilfred Brambell - Original 1960s UK LP from famous TV show
* I can't stop loving you/Born to lose/Moon over Miami/Blue Hawaii - Ray Charles - Aussie 1960s EP
* Rosemary Clooney On Stage (London Palladium) - 1950s Australian Coronet 10" EP
* By Appointment - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - British Royal Variety Performance 1965 EP
* Having a party/Bring it on home to me - Sam Cooke (original Australian 1962 pressing)
* Da doo ron ron/Git it - The Crystals - Yellow US Philles label
* Later/Lots more love - "Cuddly" Dudley (Early British rock & roller) - Rare original 1959 UK pressing
* Montague, the mouse who sailed with Captain Cook - Gloria Dean (aka Velik)(AU) - W&G 1960s Childrens LP
* Melody man/So many dreams - Downes & Upson (AU)
* My boomerang won't come back/Mr. Custer - Charlie Drake (rare Aussie 1970s single)
* Hello how are you/falling off the edge of the world - The Easybeats (AU) - UK pressing
* Get your rocks off/T.C.S. - Mick Rogers & Eclipse (UK/AU) - Procession/Manfred Mann EB vocalist
* All lips & hips/Hallelujah (I'm on fire) - Electric Boys (Swedish band, Aussie pressing)
* Captain Kremmen/Retribution - Kenny Everett & Mike Vickers (UK original)
* You always hurt the one you love/In the valley of love - Connie Francis (Indian pressing)
* I can't see myself leaving you/Gentle on my mind - Aretha Franklin (Aussie pressing)
* California soul/The onion song - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (Aussie pressing)
* Street Life - Geeza (AU) - original Aussie pressing of their only LP
* Sunshine river/12:30 - Gemini (AU) - Western Australia pop band's 1969 hit
* Love is enough/You are mine tonight - Linda George & Paul McKay (AU) - Scarce Full Moon single
* It's gonna be all right/It's just because - Gerry & The Pacemakers - uncommon Aussie pressing
* The Best of The Goons - Original 1959 LP Mono UK pressing
* The Goon Show - Goon Again - Australian World Record Club LP
* Wee Willie Brown/You were mean baby - Lou Graham - 1958 US rockabilly (with Bill Haley's Comets!!!)
* Candy kisses/Tamiami - Bill Haley & His Comets (original Aussie WB pressing)
* This is Hancock - Tony Hancock - original UK LP by legendary British comedian
* Gerard Hoffnung at the Oxford Union - Original British Mono 10" EP
* It's a gas/Am I high - The Hombres - Aussie pressing
* Pipeline sequence/Made my statement - Honk (US band) - Scarce Aussie pressing from "5 Summer Stories"
* We're rolling on (1)/(2) - The Impressions (original US pressing)
* Brave new world/Lovin you is better baby - Phil Jones & The Unknown Blues (AU)
* Unforgotten dreams/Alone so alone - King Fox (AU) - original Aussie psych classic
* You're gonna miss me/Sitting by the river - Lonnie Lee (AU)
* Let me dream/Love will come back - Little Pattie (AU)
* She's got it/I'm just a lonely guy/Heeby jeebies/Slippin & Slidin - Little Richard (Aussie EP)
* Lonely weekend/Rockin red wing - Sammy Masters (US rockabilly) - Scarce 1960 Aussie pressing
* High above my head/Love is the key - Ray Thomas (of the Moody Blues) - Aussie "A" label promo
* Gimme little sign/No more love - Nikki Nicholls (AU)
* You excite me/Why do they doubt our love - Johnny O'Keefe (AU)
* Portsmouth/Algiers - Mike Oldfield (original Aussie pressing)
* Breakwater/Barracuda - The Pacifics (AU) - Aussie surf band's rare 1963 single
* Will you be staying after Sunday/And I'll be there - Peppermint Rainbow (Australian pressing)
* Twins/Penny drops - The Runners (AU) (Paul Norton/Mark Edwards)
* Everything's alright/Sandy - Jennifer Ryall (AU) - From "Jesus Christ Superstar"
* Eloise/Kitsch - Barry Ryan - Uncommon Australian reissue with full version of Eloise
* Come see about me/A face in the crowd - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels (Aussie pressing)
* Kay/Come on home - John Wesley Ryles 1 - Uncommon Australian pressing of 1969 one hit wonder
* Ogden's nut gone flake - Small Faces (Aussie pressing)
* Take it from me/Please come back to me - Nina Stern - Rare Aussie pressing, 60s UK northern soul
* Ahab the Arab/It's been so long - Ray Stevens - Uncommon Australian pressing
* The best of Strawberry Alarm Clock - Australian early 70s LP
* Fraternity pin/If love's not ours - Kirk Stuart - Original US pressing on Jubilee
* Postcard/Oh Roscoe - Stuart & McKay (AU)
* If you believe in me/Byron bay - Stylus (AU)
* Green-eyed lady/West of tomorrow - Sugarloaf - Uncommon Australian pressing
* Rock n roll superstar/Tickle your fancy - Taste (AU) - Aussie 70s glam
* Do you love me/Why can't you love me - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Aussie pressing
* Electric Warrior - T.Rex - Original Australian Parlophone LP
* Uriah Heep Downunda - Uriah Heep Australian tour Double LP compilation
* Wonderful summer/Dream boy - Robin Ward - Australian Festival Dot label pressing
* Your cheatin heart/Kaw-Liga - Hank Williams - Australian MGM 78 rpm
* The dashing white sergeant/The northern lights of Aberdeen - Robert Wilson (popular Scottish vocalist)
* Love is a word/First night alone - Windsor Tunnel (US band) - Uncommon Australian pressing
* Rollin & tumblin/Bad luck & trouble/Broke down engine/Black cat bone - Johnny Winter (Aussie 60s EP)
* Grandma's hands/Sweet Wanomi - Bill Withers - Uncommon Australian pressing
* Misty/Why you - Eikichi Yazawa - Rare white label promo for leading Japanese rocker
* Hello walls/Con-gratulations - Faron Young - Original Australian pressing

That's just a few items selected from what's on offer. To see the full list that features thousands of original vinyl records, vintage music and computer magazines, please visit
15th-Dec-2006 09:37 pm - Some great vinyls recently found ...
Like me, does your pulse race whenever you catch a glimpse of some old vinyl records? Like when you happen to be invited to someone's house for the first time, and on being shown around suddenly out comes the record collection (usually only a modest 50 to 100 items or so, but nevermind...) and you've just gotta take a closer look. Us collectors are a bunch of showoffs, so here's a few of my recent disc-overies (sorry, I just had to say that !)...Read more...Collapse )
27th-Jan-2006 04:19 pm - What was your greatest find ......?
I'm sure every collector can relate to this..........
You go past a thrift shop/second hand record store/garage sale/trash & treasure market (or wherever your hounddog nose sniffs out the smell of vinyl) - nothing better to do with your time, so why not kill 30 minutes or so and take a look....

There's a small pile of vinyl records jammed between a few books and at first look they're the same old junk you always see (granny's castoffs, Mario Lanza sings about drunken princes etc.). You're just about to put them down with disgust when suddenly a familiar record label / cover catches your eye - your first thought is, it's going to be interesting to me, but probably not the one I've been searching for since forever - but your blood suddenly races when you realise what you're holding is worth all the tea in China to you - don't get your hopes up too soon, though - you'll look at the condition next and find it looks like it's been laser etched (but not with a laser, more like a razor) ....

You hold your breath and take a careful look at the condition - absolute mint!!!!

Drinks all round! You feel like you've just fallen in love again (if only for an hour or two).

Does the above ramblings remind you of some earth shattering find?
Tell me all about it, true collectors love to brag.....
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